30" Retractable Downdraft System with Interior Blower Motor

Retractable downdraft systems remain flush with the cooktop surface until needed. A reversible motor box can be installed on either side of the downdraft, freeing up space beneath the cabinet. The 14-inch rise allows for greater smoke and steam capture.

Modèle #: UXD8630DYS

Couleurs disponibles:   Acier Inoxydable

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UGS : UXD8630DYS Catégorie :

Powerful 600 CFM Interior Blower Motor Included

Touch-Activated Telescoping Operation

Keep the fresh air flowing during the peak cooking periods in your kitchen! Whirlpool® ventilation hoods feature variable-speed fan control for maximum relief. Hoods are designed to fit perfectly with today's kitchen layouts and designs and are available in a variety of colors, depending on the model.

Dual Centrifugal Blower

A barrel-shaped fan that moves air through a vent hood. A centrifugal fan moves more air, and operates more quietly, than an axial-type (bladed) fan.

6.5 Vertical Sones (3-1/4" x 10")

Auto Off When Retracted

Aluminum Grease Filters


Brushed Aluminum Intake Cover Standard

Slide Controls

Configuration et aperçu
Type de hotteSystème à évacuation descendante escamotable
Type de ventilationExtérieur
Ventilation (PCM)585
Profondeur12 1/8
Hauteur28 1/2
Style et caractéristiques supplémentaires
Control TypeManuel
Control LocationDissimulé
Nombre de vitesses3