Locate your Appliance Model Number

Please find the type of appliance you are interested in read where to find the likely location of the model number plate on that appliance.

If you have trouble locating the model number, please call us Toll-Free at 1-800-807-6777

Type of Appliance Model Number Plate Location
Refrigerator Located on the inside of the refrigerator, on the wall.
Freestanding Range Located on the frame of the range behind the storage drawer for FSR products.
Single Built-In Oven Located on the left side of the front frame at the bottom.
Double Built-In Oven Located on the lower oven. You need to open the door to see it.
Cooktop Located on the bottom of the burner box.
Microwave Ovens Located inside the microwave cavity on the front frame.
Hood & Vent Located underneath the unit when installed.
Dishwasher Located in front of the door seal, on the tub, top left-hand corner.
Top Load Washer Located on the top, in the rear of the well to the clothes container. It is visible once you open the lid.
Front Load Washer Located vertically on the outer edge of the door.
Top Load Dryer Located inside the door, in the upper recessed area of the front panel.
Front Load Dryer Located horizontally on the shroud, inside the door, right in front of the lint screen.

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